Is Pest Control Pet-Friendly?

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Pet owners often think of their dogs, cats and other pets as their babies. Their job is to protect their pets at all times, just as they would their own children. That’s why they need to consider their pets when having a pest control spray applied in or outside of their home. Pesticides are generally considered safe for pets, but taking some precautions and discussing your pets with your pest control technician is important for their health.

Pesticide Safety

A low dose of pesticides that is applied to your home in an effort to get rid of the pests is only a one percent application. The solution is just strong enough to kill of small bugs, but not strong enough to harm pets. The only time pesticides can be a toxic threat to pets is when the application is fresh and still wet on surfaces. Just as you would keep your kids off of these wet surfaces, it is important to keep pets away from them as well. Pets may come in contact with surfaces that have been treated once the pesticide has completely dried. The process usually takes 1-2 hours. Once it is dry to the touch, it is considered safe for pets to come in contact again.

Containing Pets While Pesticides Are Being Applied

Even though pest control products are generally safe for pets, they should not come in contact with the wet pesticides. Since pets are naturally curious and tend to sniff out the newly applied product, it is best to contain the pets until the product is completely dry. A cage or pet carrier placed in the other room is normally fine. Keeping the pet in a room that has not been treated is ideal. If the entire house is being treated, however, it may be best to remove the pet from the home for a few hours.

Pets with fins or feathers need a little extra care. Fish and birds are confined to their tanks and cages, so be sure to cover them while the pesticide is being applied. If possible, move the tank or cage to another room where the pet will not be exposed to the pest control products.

Discuss Pets with a Pest Control Technician

Pest control technicians are sympathetic to your pets healthcare needs. They are knowledgeable on the product line and how pesticides can affect pets. Be sure to discuss the type of pets you have and where they are located within the home with your pest control technician.

Kills Bugs While Keeping Pets Safe

Pesticides are designed to repel or kill ants, insects and spiders. They are not meant to harm family pets, however. By taking a few simple precautions, waiting for the application to completely dry before letting pets explore the area again and discussing your pets with your pest control technician, you can ensure pet safety. You can rest easy knowing they will be safe while getting the peace of mind that the bug problem will be solved.

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