Organic Pest Control Ideas for Your Garden

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Summer is the perfect time to do some gardening, expect if it is infested by various pests. Ants, caterpillars, cutworms, fireflies… these are all insects which can damage your plants, fruits and vegetables you are trying to grow. So what are organic pest control ideas for your garden? Why are such solutions better for you and your family overall? This article lists a few methods to grow your vegetables and fruits without being attacked from various pests.

Why Organic Pest Control?

Organic pest control enables you to maintain a healthy soil for your garden. In fact, any pesticide stays in the soil. The more you have to spray or treat your plants, the larger quantity remains in your food. Such chemicals can be dangerous for your health in the long-run, especially if you are trying to eat an organic diet. Additionally, many insects are actually good for your garden. They can kill pests which threaten your crops but also create a good soil for your plants to grow. Regular pesticides can kill all of the insects, which means that they may also kill good insects and bystanders like birds or even pets.

Organic Pest Control Oils

Many vegetable or herbal oils can keep away many insects like ants or worms. For example, one can use canola oil or various essential oils to make insects go away. Spray the oils on your plants (especially on the leaves) or at the soil at the base of the root.


Spiders, snakes, fireflies or lizards or turtles can all help prevent garden invaders. All of these creatures naturally eat insects and will naturally keep slugs, mites and snails away. Some of these animals can be harder to find in a pet store, but can be easily integrated to your backyard environment.


Cinnamon powder is known to repel ants, and vinegar can also fight bacteria on some of your leafy plants. Leave such remedies near the plants which are having problems. Another great way to prevent pest control issues in the long term for your garden is also to keep a healthy soil. You can do this by verifying if the Ph of the ground is healthy or by using natural, organic compost. Change locations for your crops in your garden (if possible) to avoid draining the soil out of its nutrients.

There are many ways to care for your garden naturally. Animals, oils and even spice like cinnamon powder can all treat your plants while keeping pest control issues away. Also a healthy plant in a healthy soil does not attract invaders or outside threats like fungus or bacteria.

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