Why Do-It-Yourself Isn’t Always Best for Pest Control

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 Some minor pest control issues can be handled on your own. Others require a deeper level of understanding and expertise that only a professional exterminator can offer. While it may be tempting to do an online search and head to your local home improvement store for pesticides to solve the problem and attempt to get rid unwanted house guests, do-it-yourself projects are not always the best way to go. Here are the top reasons why:

Handling Pest Control on Your Own is Time Consuming and Expensive

Dealing with insects or spiders in your home takes time and effort. Aside from educating yourself about the type of bugs living in your house and those specific to the area in which you live, you need to educate yourself on pesticides and methods of eradicating the problem. This can all become time consuming, especially when you consider that your first attempt might not even work. So you go back to the drawing board and try a new approach. You continue to spend money on new products and on protecting your home, but to no avail. In an effort to save money and do it yourself, you end up spending more money than you would have by calling a professional from the start.

It Can Be Difficult to Identify the Problem

While a trained pest control technician can easily identify a large variety of insects, spiders and other pests, it is just as easy for the average home owner to mistake one bug for another. You may be able to spot the easier problems, like torn screens, but you may not be able to spot all of the issues in your home that attract pests. Having an exterminator do a walk though can provide a more detailed list of the problems going on and ways to get rid of the bugs once and for all.

You Can Worsen The Problem

Some pest control products that are sold over the counter can actually make your bug problems worse. Using the wrong products or treating for the wrong type of pest can give the bugs time to reproduce and allow the problem to expand. In general, a professional is better able to tell where the pests are coming from, set traps outdoors when possible to avoid using pesticides in the home. Putting down more of a product won’t necessarily make it work better. In addition, trying the wrong methods of pest control or using too much product can actually make things harder for the exterminator to get the problem under control.

Although small issues can be tackled with a do-it-yourself approach, there are times when you should absolutely call a professional exterminator. A pest control specialist should be used in cases of infestation, recurring problems, bedbugs or termites. Handling these issues on your own is next to impossible and will only cause you more frustration. Let a trained exterminator inspect your home for signs of entry and infestation to get to the root of the problem.





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