How to Identify Roaches

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Can you identify different types of roaches? Do you have one or more lurking in your house, but aren’t sure how to handle the situation or whether an exterminator is necessary? While some cockroaches are outdoor breeds and don’t require further action once the bug is removed, others are more likely to create a home and reproduce. These are the roaches you need to call an exterminator to help get rid of them. Better sanitation, setting traps and commercial sprays may be necessary to eradicate the problem.


Oriental Cockroaches

These large, shiny bugs are mainly black or dark brown. Also known as “waterbugs,” these roaches need a source of water or heavy moisture to survive. They need a warm, damn place to hide. Keeping your home and yard free of standing water is one way to prevent them from taking residence there. Having a professional exterminator is essential to controlling their population.

Wood Cockroaches

Most noticeable for their translucent inner wings, these roaches are attracted to light. They are lighter in color, with more of a tan hue. The big difference between wood cockroaches and other types is that they do not breed indoors. They tend to live in dried out logs and wood piles. Since infestation isn’t an issue, there is really no need to call an exterminator if you find one of these pesky little bugs in your house.

German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are the most common house pests. These kitchen dwellers are easily identified by the stripes behind their heads. Despite the fact that they have wings, they are not flying roaches. They thrive on food scraps and can get into small cracks and crevices. They tend to hide out during the day and are only visible at night. German cockroaches are hard to control and they multiply quickly. Left uncontrolled, they can become a bigger problem, infesting your food supply and causing food poisoning. If you spot these in your house, call an exterminator immediately.

Asian Cockroaches

While they originated in Asia, these roaches were first spotted in the U.S. in the 1980’s. Like the other types of roaches, they are attracted to food sources. They also look for sources of light. While they thrive in warm temperatures, they have been known to survive cold winter weather. They are similar in appearance to the German cockroaches, expect they can transfer diseases to people and are capable of flying. If you spot one of these roaches, call an exterminator for backup.

Being able to identify a particular breed of roach once it has taken residence in your house can help determine your plan of attack. While a wood cockroach isn’t a welcome sight, once you destroy it, the problem is solved. That is not the case with most other breeds of roaches though. Exterminators have the right tools and products to get rid of them once and for all.

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