How to Get Rid of Slugs

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When you are trying to start a garden, slugs can be your greatest enemy. They can eat through leaves and plants and will destroy your crops. As a gardener, you are willing to try anything to keep away these creatures from your backyard. So what are easy ways to prevent slugs from invading your home? This article describes a few solutions that are inexpensive and practical for your vegetable garden or flowers.

Solutions Straight from the Kitchen

Deterrents can be an easy way to prevent slugs from coming to your home. For example caffeine has been proven to deter slugs. You can use a caffeine spray on your plants.  Slugs will associate the taste of caffeine (which inhibits their hunger) with the plant and will stop coming to them. Coffee grounds can also be placed around your crops, and will not only work just as well as caffeine spray but also help maintain a healthy soil. A cheaper option is to use salt to deter slugs, which dry in contact with the condiment. However, too much salt can be unhealthy for the soil.

Plants Which Help Reduce Slugs

Some plants will naturally get rid of slugs. For example, chives, garlic or red cabbage will easily help keeping your garden slugs-free. You can plant them around your backyard and even get to enjoy the yields of these deterrents!

Hunters of Slugs

Some animals which live naturally in your yard can help reduce slugs. You don’t have to adopt any pets, but make sure to let such species live to maintain a healthy ecosystem. For example, beetles, birds and toads naturally eat slugs in the diet. Don’t try to eliminate these creatures if you want the population of slugs to be controlled in your garden.

Killing Sprays

If the slug problem is too important and you just can’t stand dealing with them anymore, you can always creature a do-it-yourself spray which will kill them on the spot. Two ingredients you can mix with water to eliminate them is vinegar or ammonia. Simply spray it on the slug when you catch it destroying your crops or flowers. However, be careful to not let the spray touch the leaves too much, as it could damage the plant if applied in a large quantity.

Retail Products and Professional Help

You can find various products in the retail industry to get rid of slugs. A lot of them will help you take care of a slug issue quickly. Be very careful to use them away from pets and children. The risk of poisoning is very high. A pest control specialist in Springfield, MO can also help you diagnose your garden and backyard for causes of the slug invasion and will know exactly what type of product is right for you. He or she will find the right course of treatment which will be adapted to the degree of seriousness of the issue. Make sure to let the professional know if you have kids, cats or dogs.

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