How to Get Rid of Raccoons

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Raccoons are somewhat cute from far away or at a zoo but can damage your home, trash, and can also be aggressive. Additionally, they can spread a large quantity of diseases. If you live in an apartment, leave the issue to your landlord. Sometimes large dumpsters can attract larger animals. This is not uncommon and you should not be directly confronted to the problem as your apartment may be far from the area. However, if you live in a house, your trash is usually very close to your home and raccoons can be tempted to inspect your garage for food. So what can you do to keep raccoons away? This article lists a few easy tips to do so.

Know Your Enemy

Raccoons, unlike other rodents like mice and rats, can learn to not be afraid of light, water or contact with human beings. They might be scared of you the first few times but will learn to stand up to you in the long run. A fight with a raccoon? Doesn’t sound so exciting. Prefer solutions which involve making the raccoons not want to come to your house in the first place.

Get the Trash Away

Make sure that you trash is not accessible at all. The lids should be closed and even sealed if possible. Don’t leave pet food or fruits and vegetables in your front yard. Never leave trash bags on your front lawn in any circumstances. If possible, place your trash cans as far away from your home as possible. Take a look at your garage and backyard and take the same steps. Raccoons have an excellent sense of smell and can find ways into your home very easily, through trees or chimneys (or even the smallest cracks in your walls as well as unclosed garage doors.)

Block Entryways

As explained earlier, it doesn’t take much space for a raccoon to invade your home. While you can’t really control what happens in your front yard at night, you can definitely avoid getting visits from raccoons in your house. First of all, cut trees branches that could allow a raccoons to come into your attic. Block any hole or crack that is above three inches in diameter and either stuff newspaper with ammonia or cayenne pepper spray. These substances should keep such creatures away from your home.

Call a Professional

If you think it is too late and the raccoons are nesting into your home, call a pest control specialist in Springfield, MO as soon as possible. The last thing you need is baby raccoons or an entire family moving in your attic or basement. You can also alert animal control. Both entities will be able to remove the mammal safely and give you advice for you to not have to face this issue again. If you think you are dealing with a nursing mother or a newborn raccoons, avoid any action before you get a professional’s advice. In the meanwhile, keep children or pets away from the animal, which can be very violent towards them.


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