What Causes Spider Infestations?

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Spiders serve a purpose by eating the insects in your house, but that doesn’t make spotting them any more fun. Some people completely freak out at the sign of a spider in their home, let alone finding out that they have a spider infestation.

You might assume that people who live in dirty or untidy homes are more likely to have spiders, but that is not necessarily true. Spiders are dependent on other insects and bugs. If they find a way in, spiders will also find their way in.

Where Did the Spiders Come From?

If you suddenly find yourself battling a spider infestation, you’ll wonder where they came from. Spiders generally end up in your house for one of three reasons:

  1. They need shelter from the rain. Spiders do not like rain and they will seek shelter in your house to find a safe, dry spot.
  2. They are looking for a food source, which is usually insects and other bugs.
  3. They hitchhike their way in. Many times spiders are unintentionally brought into the house along with outdoor plants, furniture or wood.

The first sign that you have spiders is finding cobwebs in dark corners and small and other dark areas in the home.


How to Destroy a Spider Infestation

A single spider is pretty manageable for most people, assuming they aren’t deathly afraid of them. It is when a spider infestation occurs that they really start to panic. The best thing you can do when you start seeing a lot of spiders indoors is to change your habits. Start by being more careful when bringing items in from outside. Look things over thoroughly and shake them off before bringing them inside.

Next go through the house to fill cracks in windows and doorways and repair broken screens to limit the spider’s chances of getting in the house on their own. At the same time, this will limit the number of other insects that can get in. Take away their food source and you will eliminate the spider infestation. The fewer insects that get in, the fewer spiders you’ll have.

Then go through the inside of the home with a vacuum cleaner with an attachment hose and get every nook and cranny in the house to remove spiders, their eggs and their webs. Move boxes and furniture to get all of the hidden spots in your home and eradicate the problem. 

When to Call for Help

While you may be perfectly capable of killing a spider or two on your own, it is best to call for help when you realize it is a growing problem. Spider infestations can be difficult to control. A trained exterminator is the best line of defense in getting rid of spiders and keeping your home a spider-free zone. Although spraying insecticide can directly kill the spiders, spraying can also eliminate the insects they rely on for food. Direct spray and glue traps are often used to eliminate spiders and reduce their infestation.

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