Can an Exterminator Help Control Fleas?

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The first sign of a flea infestation may be the relentless scratching of your dog or cat. Of course, by the time you can actually see what is causing the problem, the fleas have taken residence in your home. The reddish brown bugs may be small, but they are indeed big pests. But how do you know when to call an exterminator? It depends on the level of flea infestation you have and your diligence in getting rid of them.


Do Fleas Bite?

Absolutely! While fleas prefer to feed off the blood of pets and lay their eggs in the long hairs of cats, dogs and other furry pets and wild animals, they have also been known to bite people. In fact, you may even get an infestation in your home and get bit by them without even having a pet in the home. Visiting someone who has a flea infestation can result in them attaching to your clothing and invading your home as well.

How to Control Fleas

Fleas are incredibly hard to get rid of because they multiply quickly and the eggs get scattered all around your home, not just on your pet. Chances are, if you have fleas inside of your home, you have them outside too. Stray cats and wildlife can spread the fleas and make them tough to control.

The first step is to control the fleas on your pet. Take your cat or dog to the vet for an inspection and advice on how to control the fleas and relieve the itching. Treating the animal alone isn’t enough to solve the problem though. The fleas have likely laid eggs throughout your house, in your pet’s sleeping area, on your bedding, furniture, and carpet fibers. They can even hide out in the cracks of hardwood floors.

This is where your diligence comes in. Even an exterminator will advise you to start by washing all bedding and window coverings and vacuuming all surfaces, from flooring to beds and furniture. You won’t be able to see the eggs, but they are there and ready to hatch. As soon as you finish vacuuming the house, empty the contents of the vacuum into a bag and immediately remove it from the home.

Using an Exterminator to Get Rid of Fleas

When you have treated the pet and the home, but the problem persists, its time to call for help. An exterminator can provide a level of support you can’t get anywhere else. They will identify problem areas, both inside and outside of the home. Then they will come up with a solution and execute the plan. Most likely they will use products to inhibit the flea’s growth to prevent them from maturing and laying eggs.  Of course, this doesn’t let you off the hook. Even after they spray and treat both your yard and your home, you still need to vacuum each day for the following two weeks to get rid of the flea eggs before they hatch. In most cases you will need to do a follow up to get rid of any eggs that have hatched.

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