3 Ways to Free Your Home from Bugs

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Your home should be a place of relaxation and peace. However, if you have to deal with insects or rodents, it can quickly become a nightmare. Not only pests issues make your home a mess and can be difficult to eradicate, but they can also pose a health threat for your family. In fact, children and pets can be especially sensitive to the effects of insects like bedbugs or roaches. So how can you make your home pest-free in Springfield, MO? This article describes THREE easy ways to live in a house without bugs or rodents.

Seal Any Potential Bug Entrances

The first step you should take is to seal your doors properly. In fact, it takes minuscule cracks to let in small insects like spiders or ants. One easy way to make your doors pest-free is to invest in door sweeps. These will ensure that bugs cannot access your home from the outside of your house or apartment. You can easily find such items at your local hardware store. Screen your walls and doors for small cracks that could also let rodents come in. However, these methods will be useless if you keep the door open. Although it may be sometimes necessary to leave the door open (if you are letting fresh air in for example), make sure that your have a solid screen door to keep pests away. Teach your children not to leave the door and windows opened.

Maintain Your Backyard

Even if you don’t have a garden, maintaining your backyard is essential to protect your home against pest issues. Make sure that you do not have any pools of water in your yard. Indeed, such areas can attract mosquitos or flies, which can then enter your house. If you have gutters, make sure that they are free of branches or leaves. Mowing your grass regularly can also be a great way to avoid some bugs which can then invade your home.

Declutter Your Home

A cluttered and messy house or apartment is almost always a reason for a bug invasion. A lot of insects and rodents are attracted to some of the things cluttering your home. For example, roaches and termites are attracted to paper and cardboard, while ants will easily come to your home if you have spills of sweet or greasy liquids on your floor. An easy way to correct this issue is to regularly take the trash, avoid holding on wood or plants inside your home and get rid of crumbs, food leftovers or spills as soon as possible. If you do not feel like the sanitation of your home is the source of your pest problem issue, call a pest control specialist to inspect your home. He or she may be able to detect an area in your home which causes the problem as well as finding openings in your walls or doors you may not have noticed. Let the professional know if you have any children or pets prior to the visit.


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