What to Do After the Visit of a Pest Control Specialist

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You just received the visit of an exterminator in Springfield, MO for a pest issue with ants, bed bugs, roaches or rodents. You feel relieved of having taken the right steps towards a pest free home, but wonder what you could do to help prevent further problems with unwanted creatures. So how do you avoid another invasion and what can you do to make the professional treatments work as efficiently as possible? This article lists a few things you should do after the visit of a pest control specialist.

Keep Your Home Clean

In the case of ants, roaches or rodents, what attracted these unwanted creatures to your home in the first place is food. Crumbs on the floor, trash or dirty dishes are a feast to a small insect or mammal. Make sure to make your home as unattractive as possible for such animals. These includes taking out the trash regularly, keeping the kitchen clean and vacuuming the carpets often. Failing to do so will tamper with the effectiveness of the professional treatment. If there is a sanitation problem in your home causing the pest problem, your pest control specialist should have told you about it during the diagnosis of your house. Otherwise, keep your regular cleaning habits but be mindful of the cleanliness of your kitchen.

Don’t Tamper With the Baits

Your pest control specialist may have applied and placed special baits for insects like ants. Do not change the location of the baits or let children or pets move them around. This includes messing with the functioning of the treatment. Ants or roaches baits can take a few days to function, because the worker ants have to transport the poison back to the colony for the rest of the colony to die and stop invading your home. If you start killing the ants attracted to the bait, it will not work as well and the treatment you just paid for may not help get rid of the ants at all. Make sure to ask your pest control specialist what you should do or should not do with the baits and take note of it. Share the rules with your family to make sure that everyone works as a team to make the exterminator’s treatment as efficient as possible.


The final step is simply to relax. Undergoing pest control problems is never fun, and you need to be patient for the treatment to work fully. If you had a serious issue with ants or a bed bug problem, be aware that it may take more than one round of treatment for the issue to go away completely. Stay in touch with your pest control specialist and let them know if you feel like the treatment isn’t working or if new problems arise. Make sure that you take the necessary steps to keep unwanted insects or animals away for good, such as blocking any holes or cracks in walls, screens or doors allowing the creatures inside your home.


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