How to Protect Your House from Pest Control Threats in Summer

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Summer is here and you are enjoying your home, opening the windows wide or relaxing in your backyard. However, pest control threats are never too far away, especially during this season. Some types of insects thrive and are particularly active, causing them to invade your home for food, shelter or a cooler temperature. So how can you ensure that you can spend your summer vacation at home without having to battle against roaches or insects? This article lists a few ways you can protect your house or apartment against pest control issues in the summer.

Open the Windows…. But Not Too Much

In the summer, you may feel tempted to open doors and/or windows to enjoy a summer breeze but use caution when doing so. A lot of flying insects like mosquitos or flies can invade your home, and make it very difficult for you to keep them away. Use screens on your windows and/or doors and verify regularly that they are not torn or broken. If you do not own blind, open windows and doors only in the mornings rather than in the evening, when mosquitos tend to be more active.

Don’t Let Crawlers Inside

Any crack or hole in holes or doors (especially in the garage or basement) can create an entryway for roaches or rodents. Make sure to have them fixed, especially in the summer so that these creatures cannot get inside during the night, looking for a cooler temperature or food. And although it seems ants often appear from nowhere, you can easily trace them back to their point of entry in your home.

Use Insecticides Carefully

If you are confronted to a mosquito invasion, you can often chase them away from natural herbs such as citronella rather than first go to potentially hazardous chemicals. There is a variety of herbal or natural remedies such as candles, bracelets or lotions to choose from. When looking at sprays or chemically-enhanced mosquitos treatments, always check that it is non-hazardous for children and/or animals first. Don’t store anti-mosquito sprays in the heat but store them in a cool place, away from the reach of little hands. If you experience a bad summer infestation of ants or roaches, talk to a pest control specialist in Springfield, MO first to assess the severity of the situation. Certain chemical products bought from regular retail stores don’t do well with the heat, so use extra caution if you chose to treat your home yourself.

Use DIY Methods

Don’t be afraid to use DIY prevention techniques to protect yourself from pest control problems. For example, you can easily create your own fly trap with tape. There is also nothing wrong with using a good old zapper to get rid of flies and/or mosquitoes (or even spiders!). Just be aware that such methods are great for occasional issues but cannot replace professional diagnosis or treatments in case your pest issue becomes more serious.


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