How to Prevent Pest Control Problems in Your Attic

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The attic can be a precious space to store items and isolate the house. However, it is also the shelter of choice for a large array of rodents and other small creatures. Squirrels, mice, rats, birds, bats etc. They all want in. Getting rid of such invasions can be difficult as it seems that the animals just keep coming back as soon as you thought you got rid of them. This article lists a few tips and advices to get rid of these unwanted attic visitors, once and for all.

The Dangers of Rodents

Mice, rats, raccoons, squirrels and bats all have one thing in common: in your home, they are no good. Although these creatures are beneficial to the ecosystem, they can seriously damage your house: they will chew wires, destroy insulation, wood, stores objects and even spread diseases like salmonella or hantavirus. Don’t take your chances with these small mammals: even if you don’t wish to kill them, you ought to get rid of them. Birds will usually not destroy wires but can be noisy and will soil your attic.


Mice are no good for your home. Use some traps with peanut butter baits to attract and get rid of the mice in your attic as soon as you start hearing scratching upstairs. In fact, use several of them as you will probably have to deal with more than one of these creatures. Remove the traps as soon as they caught a mouse. Call a pest control specialist in Springfield, MO if you feel like the traps alone do not work. The exterminator will be able to capture and/or get rid of all of the mice as well as find ways to prevent them from coming back.


Rats are a little bit harder to catch and kill than mice. You cannot use typical mice traps for rats and you will not be able to find a bait a rat would be attracted to. So what can you do? Find a specialized rat trap and wait at least a week for it to catch any of these small animals. Rats are more sensitive to new items in their environment than mice (and also much smarter.)


Squirrels can be harder to trap but you can try to do it with a trapping cage. Make sure to contact a pest control specialist and/or city authorities before you do it as you may have to hire a professional to do the job.

Raccoons and Bats

Some types of bats are protected and cannot be removed by anyone else but a professional. Raccoons can be violent and attempting to get rid of it on your own is not recommended. Contact an exterminator and have him or her diagnose the case for your attic. He or she will know exactly the plan of action to get rid of these animals safely. The same rule applies to birds, are some species may be endangered. The last thing you need is a fine for doing the wrong kind of pest control on a protected bird.

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