How to Prepare for an Ant Pest Control Visit

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Your home is infested with ants, and it doesn’t seem to get any better. It’s too late for natural or prevention techniques and you end up having to call a pest control specialist for help. What steps can you take to make sure that the pest control treatment work? How can you make things easier for exterminators to treat your home? This article lists a few tips to make the ants go away-for good.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Before the visit of the exterminator, make sure to clean any spills on the floor and to vacuum or sweep any crumbs. Doing so will eliminate what ants are coming after in your home: food. This includes pet food as well! Many individuals fail to realize that dog or cat dry foods can also attract undesired ants. Empty the food trash(es) in your home and make sure that any food stored in the kitchen closet is inaccessible by ants (use special Tupperware and food clips if you need to.)

Be Prepared to Answer Questions

AT the arrival of the pest control specialist in Springfield, MO, you may be asked some questions about the location of the ants. Make sure to find out exactly which rooms (or parts of rooms are being invaded.) If you are not asked these questions, you can always take time to let your exterminator know exactly where the problem is.

Re-Locate Pets and Children

Make sure that your pets and children are away from the home during the treatment. Make sure to let your exterminator know about your toddler or pet, as he or she may be able to give you special advice on how to handle pest control treatment in the presence of children or animals. Remove any cages or fish tank which may be in the way of the professionals.

Be Patient

Be prepared to wait a few days before the ant pest control treatment fully takes effect. Since most exterminators use poisoned baits to get rid of ants, it may actually bring a few more ants to your home (since the bait is attractive to them) before it kills them all. Baits are the most powerful treatment, as it will kill the entire ant colony rather than just the few ants in your home. Do not kill any ants during the process, as you have to wait for the ants to get back to the nest and kill the others. Doing so will delay the process and hurt your chances of getting rid of the ants. Avoid using strong detergents on your floor as well, as it will also kill the worker ants.

Of course, follow any instructions your pest control specialist may have given you. Make sure to call a professional in case of a severe ant invasion: retail ant baits may be attractive because of their lower price, but cannot be substituted for the quality of the products and services offered by a pest control specialist.


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