Pest Issues: Who Can You Protect by Keeping Them Under Control

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Just like any diseases, pest problems can affect some people to a greater extent than others. Unfortunately, even some benign pest problems can be an issue to some individuals of your family or friends. So what extra precautions can you take to protect them and who is at risk? This article explains who and how to prevent pest issues which could be potentially hazardous for others.

Infants and Children

Infants, toddlers and small children are particularly at risk when your house is being treated for pest control issues. The sprays and chemical products used can sometimes be hazardous for younger individuals. Before you schedule a pest treatment in Springfield, MO, make sure to talk to a pest control specialist about your children (mention their age as well) so that the exterminator can take the appropriate steps to protect your family. On the other side, while rounds of treatments could be an issue for one’s health, some bugs can also hurt your children if not properly exterminated. For example, beg bugs, roaches and rodents can bring infections which could seriously endanger a young child or infant’s health. Make sure to call for help before the invasion becomes unbearable.

Dogs, Cats and Smaller Pets

Pets can also be greatly affected by chemicals treatments to get rid of fleas or other bugs invading your home. While dogs and cats can be easily removed, one can forget about the parrot, fish or small rodent in a cage and end up with a sick or dead animal. In fact, some types of fish, exotic animals and birds do not handle sprays of pest control extermination products well. Make sure to let your pest control specialist know about these animals. More importantly, remove all fish tanks, cages, and other pets before the treatment and do not bring them back until a few days after the chemicals have been applied. While treatments can be hazardous to some animals, the effect of fleas , ticks and rodents can also wound or sicken them seriously. Make sure to properly protect your pat against fleas and ticks and call a pest control specialist if you suspect to see fleas or other small bugs in your home.

Adults or Children with Breathing Issues

If a member of your family has difficulties breathing and other pulmonary issues such as Asthma, you may want to keep them out of the house during the pest treatment as well as a few days after. Breathing the chemicals applied to your home could trigger a severe reaction which can endanger one’s health. Make sure to let your pest control specialist know about any health condition you think would be relevant to the setting and duration of a bug extermination’s treatment. You could also mention the upcoming pest control procedure to your primary physician to see if there is any health problems which could arise and if you will need to stay outside the home for the duration of the treatment.

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