How to Naturally Prevent Pest Control Problems in the Summer

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The summer is the season to enjoy your backyard as well as your home with your family and friends. However, what happens when it becomes a shelter for ants, roaches, mosquitoes or flies? To prevent pest control issues in your house or your apartment, no need to invest in pricy chemical products. You can avoid a summer insect infestation by using a few natural products and methods. This article describes which ones to use and how to make them as effective as possible.

Utilize Herbs and Essential Oils

Mother Nature offered to us a large range of essential oils and plants which can be used to repel mosquitos, ants or roaches. For example, peppermint is known to be a natural product to get rid of ants. Citronella can be used to keep mosquitoes away, and boric acid kills both roaches and ants. Such products can be used in an essential oil, mixed with a sugary or oily substance (in the case of boric acid.) Disperse the oil around the home where you see the ants or roaches or put citronella candles in each room (for mosquitoes.) You can also plant peppermint or citronella around your house to discourage ants or mosquitoes from coming inside.

Open the Windows Moderately

Make sure to be strategic with the times you open your windows. Doing so can be helpful to avoid getting flies or mosquitoes inside. For example, mosquitoes tend to come inside your house or apartment through windows in the evening. Therefore, open your windows in the early morning to get fresh air rather than later in the day. Consider getting screens on your windows or using fly traps in each room to catch flies if needed.

Use Smart Mechanical Traps

There are a few gadgets one can use to get rid of mosquitoes or flies, which are usually a bigger problem in the summer time. You can buy plugs, bracelets or sprays in retail to get rid of mosquitoes. Some plugs even emit high pitch sounds that keep mosquitoes away. For flies, traps are less glamorous as they usually consist of tape or glue products which attract then retain dead flies. You can however find a variety of products which look like decorations and stick them on your windows. Some models are even very discreet and cannot be noticed easily by a visitor or a guest at your home.

Call a Pest Control Specialist for Bigger Problems

If you feel like your pest control problems in Springfield, MO aren’t solved by these methods, make sure that that you call a professional before it becomes a more serious problem. Natural methods can be efficient, but are unfortunately sometimes not enough. Only a professional will know exactly which course of action is necessary to help get rid of your pest problem. Also know that sometimes you just need a pest control treatment, especially in the case of a serious roaches issue or bed bugs.


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