Living in a Small Apartment: How to Avoid Pest Issues?

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If you live in a studio or other small apartment, you may be saving a lot of money on utilities and rent. It may be also easier to maintain. However, if a pest problem arises, the enemy can invade your personal space or even condemn your apartment (in the worst cases) very quickly. You studio or one bedroom could therefore go from being fine to being completely infested in a matter of a few days or hours. For a larger apartment, it usually takes weeks for an ant or roaches situation to truly become unbearable. So how do you prevent pest problem in a small apartment? This article lists a few ways to keep ants, roaches, bed bugs, rodents and other undesirable creatures away.

Be Intransigent on Cleaning

If you have owned a studio, you may know that often the main ‘room’ or living space serves both as living room and bedroom. It often has no separating wall with the kitchen, and is located right next to the bathroom. This means that for example, one colony of ant in your kitchen will not take long before they are in your living room, and bed. Make sure that you clean your sink, counters and tables very carefully and on a regular basis. Vacuum the carpets every week to eliminate any spider or ant which could bring back more ‘friends’ into your home. Dusting furniture is also a great way to quickly see if you have a spider issue in your apartment.

Act Fast

If you see a few roaches crawl in your bathroom or a small amount of ants in your kitchen, act right the way to eliminate them. In a bigger house, you could easily try and solve the problem yourself. In a small apartment, you can be invaded in a matter of days or hours. Promptly contact your landlord or residence manager and ask to have your studio or one bedroom treated. Apartment complexes often include the cost of maintenance into the rent so you should not have to pay anything for the cost of a pest exterminator, unless you let the issue go out of hand.

Call a Pest Control Specialist

If your residence manager does not provide any contacts or pest control services in Springfield, MO, you will have to find one yourself. Make sure to find a professional in your area which is okay with treating such a small space before you actually need one. Once you found the professional, let your landlord know which company you are planning to use to ensure that he or she is okay with your choice (after all, if you are renting, the apartment is not yours.)

The two main keys to keep away pest issues in a small apartment are maintaining your living space properly and calling for help quickly if a problem arises, especially for insects like roaches, bed bugs or termites, which could quickly condemn your place of residence.

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