Don’t Cancel Pest Control Services in the Winter

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While the summer may be a period of time when you feel constantly harassed by mosquitos, flies and other flying insects, the winter is definitely not a time of rest for pest problems. In fact, you should not forget about your pest control specialist in Springfield, MO during the winter. So what are the little creatures you should be worried about during the cold months and what special steps should you take to protect your house or apartment? This article lists a few easy ways to do so.


Unfortunately, rodents like mice or rats do not hibernate during the winter. Because of the harsh weather outside, the small mammals try to invade your home to find shelter, heat and even food. Not only are these animals unsanitary and can spread a lot of different diseases, but they can also chew through wires and insulation. Raccoons can also be attracted to your home in the winter, and can destroy your trash trying to find food. A pest control worker will help you find the cracks and other holes the rodents use to come to your home and ways to prevent more from coming. He or she will help you kill the remaining creatures in your home.


It is unfortunately not unlikely to see roaches in your home during the winter. Like rodents, they can also carry many allergens, pathogens and other bacteria that can seriously hurt you, your pets and your family. These creatures often hide in your pipes, walls, or basement and other moist areas. If you suspect to have an issue with roaches in your house, ensure to call an exterminator before trying any treatment yourself. Otherwise, you could waist money and energy attempting to solve the problem with the wrong product or placement.

How to Prevent Winter Months Pest Problems

Failing to prevent pest control issues during the winter could easily lead to very uncomfortable scenarios. Because of the cold, most insects and rodents will be tempted to invade your personal space much faster to reach heat and food. To avoid this, make sure to keep your floor and counters free from food debris and other material that could attract insects (such as cardboard for roaches.) Calling a pest control specialist during the summer or fall months to lead a deep diagnosis of your home will give you the opportunity to solve any residual pest issues so that you don’t need to deal with worsened problems in the winter.

Although you may have other pest issues to pay attention to in the summer months, now is a good time to get ahead of your game to not be overwhelmed during the winter. Call a pest control specialist today to know if your house or apartment is at risk to be invaded by rodents, roaches and other creatures during the winter. Remember, if you start experiencing issues with rodents in the fall, chances are they will only be worse in the summer.

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