How to Avoid Pest Control Issues When You Come Back From Vacation

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You may prepare your house or apartment very carefully to ensure no bug or rodents invade your home during your vacation. However, sometimes you can take back the enemy with you. A lot of things you take back from your time at the beach or other vacation spot can help infest your home with roaches, bed bugs, spiders etc. This article lists a few ways to avoid being faced to pest control issues at your return of vacation.

Inspect Closely

The most important step you can take is to ensure that you are not bringing back any bug from your vacation. The most important pest problem from going to hotels, beds and breakfast or rental houses are bed bugs. These can be present even in the most luxurious hotels and can crawl in your suitcase. Because they are so small are difficult to see, a lot of vacationers take these small creatures home on accident. Once back in the house or apartment, the bed bugs come out of the suitcases and use your home as a shelter. If you suspected your hotel room of having bed bugs or if you know the hotel has been struggling with such insects during your stay, vacuum and clean the inside of your luggage carefully before putting it back in your closet.

Control Vacation Souvenirs

Did you take anything back from your vacation like a plant, sand (whether wanted or not) or even a pet? If so, make sure to inspect the object or furry friend before you transition it to your home. A beautiful plant can hide ants which could invade your home and an adorable puppy you took back from a road trip vicious fleas. Or what about that piece of furniture that could be a nest of bed bugs? Use caution when purchasing such souvenirs. They can be ‘vintage’ or ‘cute’ but can also infest your home.

Clean Your Vacation Gear

Another important step is to clean the clothes and towels you brought on your trip. These could also bring bed bugs along other bugs that could invade your home very quickly. Be particularly careful with towels and wash them in hot water if possible. If you use a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of a suitcase, make sure to take the bag to the outside trash.

Check Your Pets

If you took your dog or cat (or other pet) on your vacation, make sure to have them examine for ticks and fleas soon after your trip. Even if treated, they could transport a bug that could soon spread to your apartment or house. Schedule an appointment with your vet a few days after your return.

If you experience a pest control problem soon after your vacation, talk to a pest control specialist  in Springfield, MO. He or she will be able to examine your home, find the source of the pest, eradicate it and help you prevent potential  future invasions.

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