Should You Purchase a Yearly Pest Control Treatment?

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When looking at some pest control advertisements on TV or on the internet, you may have noticed that some companies offer yearly services, which include treatments and diagnosis visits for an entire year. You may wonder if such contract is appropriate for you, your family and your home. This article lists a few reasons why you should consider a year-long contract, and why in some cases it might not be the best option for you.

Pest Issues Are Year-Round

Unfortunately, pest problems don’t wait for a particular season to strike your home… Although some invasions of insects are more seasonal than others, your house or apartment can be invaded by rodents or other repulsive creatures at any time. For example, while your house is more prone to be infested with rodents during the winter, spring is known to be the high season for termites and ants. In other words, your house may never find rest. Purchasing a year-long contract with a pest control specialist in Springfield, Mo can ensure that your home will be protected from all kinds of pest problems at all times.

Yearly Contracts Could Be Less Expensive

One obvious advantage of purchasing a year-long contract with a pest control company is that you will end up paying less per service in the long run. If you have experienced several pest issues in the past, or experience chronic invasions of ants, termites or rodents (which don’t go away despite your best prevention efforts), yearly contracts may be great for you. This type of integrated services can also be a great idea if you just moved into a new neighborhood and need to ensure that your home will be protected in case you are surprised with a pest problem in your new house or apartment. However, if you live in an apartment, ask your property manager before you purchase any long-term services. Your apartment complex may already include pest control services in any maintenance fees.

Year-Long Contracts Are More Effective

Unfortunately a lot of insects and rodents don’t just leave your home after one treatment. Although one round of treatment will dissipate the pest issue for a little while, you can easily end up with an infested home again if you fail to invest in additional treatments or professional preventive care. Year-long contracts will help you get rid of your pest problems, once and for all. This option is very effective especially if you have issues with bed bugs, ants or termites. Such creatures are more difficult to eliminate and a full treatment usually takes a few rounds. Yearly contract also usually include prevention care and after or before treatment diagnosis visits to make sure that the pest control chemicals and other preventive measures are taking effect on your home.

Purchasing a year-long contract is the best way to treat any pest control issue effectively in your home. Make sure to ask the pest control company exactly what services and visits are included in the contract.


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