How to Prepare for Pest Control Services

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Unfortunately, we can’t expect to call a pest control specialist and simply wait around for the treatment to be applied to your home. Both you and the professional have to give their best effort to make the pest (whether it’s ants, termites, etc.) go away.  The steps you may have to take differ depending on the creature you wish to get rid of but there are a few general things you can do  to make your pest professional’s job more effective in the long run. This team effort between you and the pest control company can be achieved in a few simple steps. Read on to find out how to prepare for pest control services.

Clean Your Home

A dirty home is the nightmare of a pest control specialist. Not only does it make it difficult and uncomfortable for the professional to work in your home but it can also impact the effectiveness of the treatment. Make sure to sweep your floors and wipe the counters for potential food debris. This way, insects or rodents will be more attracted to the bait rather than be distracted by other food sources. Finish the cleaning process by vacuuming the carpet and putting away any food left in the sink or kitchen counters. If you have any large amounts of cardboard or paper, make sure to put these in the trash before your home is treated.

Do Some Maintenance Work

Make sure to repair any leaks and/or cracks in your walls or doors prior to the professional’s visit, this will prevent insects or rodents from entering your house after your home has been treated.

Remove Visible Insects

If you happen to vacuum any visible ants or roaches while cleaning, you may have picked up eggs as well. Simply trash the vacuum bag outside before the pest control specialist arrives at your house.

Make Your Home Safe

Avoid leaving heavy objects on the top of appliances of large pieces of furniture. The pest control specialist may need to move your fridge or bookshelf around, and the last thing you need is to hurt the worker.

Give Full Access

Make sure to give your pest control worker full access to your home. Unlock any locked door or cupboard that he or she may need to open in the process of the treatment.

Protect Yourself

Immediately disclose to the worker before he or she starts the services if you are pregnant, have specific allergies or have a child at home. Make sure to make plans to keep your children and/or pets away from the baits or treated areas of your home after the visit of the pest control company.

By following these easy steps, you should be able to make the pest control treatment much more effective in your home. Make sure to follow the worker’s instructions regarding any baits and treatment and keep your home sanitized so that your pest problem will go away once and for all.


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