How to Prepare for a Bed Bug Exterminator

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Bed bugs are small creature which feed on human blood and find refuge in textile and other soft areas (yes,  that includes your bed.) They are on the rise in many developed countries such as the United States and many other European countries. Bed bugs are harder to eliminate as they are difficult to see. Additionally, the course of treatment needed to get rid of them can take longer than for ants or roaches. If you think you have a bed bug problem in your home, how can you prepare your house to ensure that bed bugs will be gone, once and for all? This article lists a few steps you can take to make the professional’s treatment more effective.

Wash All Textiles

Make sure to wash all of the textiles in your home before the pest exterminator comes to your home. This includes furniture or decorative items that are made of fabric. Wash your sheets, pillows and other textiles in hot water if possible. Pay special attention to bedding items are they have most likely come in contact with bed bugs. After washing and drying, place the textiles in a sealed container.

Clean Your Home

Make sure to leave your home clean and as ‘empty’ as possible before the pest worker comes in. This includes vacuuming the carpets and uncluttering any space that has stored bedding items and other textiles. Leave closets and rooms unlocked so that the professional can have access to your entire home during his or her visit. This will enable a more effective diagnosis and treatment.

Move and Center

If you have furniture or objects against the walls of your bedroom or living room (such as a couch, chair, sofa etc) make sure to place them in the center of the room. The same applies for wooden items like bookshelves and other tables. This will help the pest control specialist to have a full access to your home.

After the Visit

Don’t be surprised if you need another round of treatment. Bed bugs are particularly difficult to eliminate and can come back a few days or weeks after the first treatment. Likewise, make sure to wait until the treatment has dried to lay on your bed or sit on your couch. If you have taken a trip or been on vacation recently, make sure to inform your pest control worker. Wash your suitcase or get rid of it if you think it has been infected by bedbugs.

Getting ready for the visit of a pest control specialist in Springfield, Mo isn’t easy and may be time consuming, but it also accounts for 50% of the success of failure of the bed bugs pest treatments. You and your pest exterminator are a team and taking the time to prepare your home before the treatment does not only help the pest control company but also yourself. Remember, bed bugs can proliferate even in a clean home. Don’t feel ashamed about calling an exterminator for help.


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