Pest Control Tips:How to Keep Insects Away from Apartments

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You live in an apartment, and everything seems to be well until you see a cockroach or a large amount of ants in your kitchen. When you own a house in Springfield, MO, you are responsible to take care of the situation how you want to. You can contact a pest control specialist, try to keep the insects away yourself or even do nothing about the issue (not recommended but theoretically possible.) In an apartment complex (or any type of rental property), things are a little bit more complicated. You are not the owner of the property and live according to the landlord’s rules. Making a mistake when trying to fight pest control (or failing to do so) can cause you to damage the property, be fined, and at worst being evicted. So what are the top things to do to prevent and treat pest issues in an apartment? This article outlines a few things you can do to keep your apartment pest-free.

Keep Your Apartment Clean

This is the number one rule to prevent the arrival and settling of small insects like roaches or ants. The last thing you need is a pest issue to reveal to your property manager that your apartment is a mess. Keep up with simple cleaning tasks like cleaning dirty dishes, sweeping the floors and wiping the counters. Don’t accumulate trash and clutter.

Be Honest to Your Landlord

A lot of apartment complex property managers understand that sometimes, your pest issue may not be dependent of the way you treat your home. It could be a neighbor, weather condition, or any other external reason that leads small insects and other creatures to your home. Some leases stipulate that the first pest treatment is free of charge or at a reduced price. In all cases, do not wait until the pest problem is a major one to alert your landlord. Alert your property manager, be honest about what is happening, and most importantly, do it fast.

Don’t Treat Your Home Yourself

Sometimes, in the effort of trying to hide a pest control problem to a property manager or to save money, some individuals may try to buy treatments online or at the store and attempt to fix the pest problem themselves. Making a mistake or not using the appropriate products could cause you to waist money at the least and damage your property at worst. Only a pest control professional knows exactly what products to use and the methods that are appropriate to eliminate certain types of insects or mice in an apartment.

If you property manager isn’t responsive, try to identify if he or she has a superior. This is the case for most recent apartment complexes. Some property groups even have maintenance departments who help residents with matters like pest control on a daily basis. If you are dealing with an individual landlord, keep trying to follow up with the individual until you obtain a response from him or her. Remember that the law dictates for the landlord of your premises to be a resource when you have an issue with the property you live in.


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