What Your Pest Control Specialist Wants You to Know

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Calling a pest control specialist to help you eliminate a bed bug or aunt problem in your home may not be your favorite thing, but it is sometimes necessary. So how can you maximize the (positive) effect of a pest control treatment? Exterminators know best. This article lists a few things your pest control specialist wants you to know.

It is Sometimes Impossible to Prevent a Pest Problem

Although there are many steps you can take to prevent the invasion of aunts, spiders, roaches, mice etc., sometimes you just can’t control a pest problem. For example, bed bugs can be brought through fabric, suitcases or objects brought to the home. Inspecting plants, clothing items and other potential ‘pest Trojan horses’ before you take them inside can be a good idea, but not always very practical. Does this mean that you should stop cleaning your home? Of course not! Just don’t be too hard on yourself if your sanitation efforts aren’t enough to keep a pest problem away.

Having a Pest Problem? Alert Your Neighbors!

This is especially true if you live in an apartment complex. Let your neighbor know promptly after your discover a pest problem in your home. Alert them that they should be taking extra protection to protect their house or apartment and inform them of any upcoming treatments. They will thank you for it, especially if you are dealing with fleas or bed bugs.

Don’t Attempt to Fix the Problem on Your Own

Although there are great DIY treatment ideas that can help resolve a mild pest problem, don’t attempt to treat a larger pest issue on your own. Some stores sell retail pest control products that, if not applied well, can destroy your furniture, carpets and floors. If you are suspecting a pest issue in your home, call a professional to at least benefit from a quality diagnosis.

We Can’t Do Everything

Pest control specialists aren’t magicians. Although using pest treatment products on your own is generally a bad idea, a professional treatment can last in the long run if you don’t follow the advice of the exterminator. For example, if the professional advises you to repair your door or fill-in a crack in your wall to avoid the invasion of more insects and/or rodents, promptly complete the task.

Not All Pests are Bad

A lot of people live under the impression that anything that crawls and has more than 4 legs is an evil creature. This isn’t always true. For example, spiders or aunts have a very important place in the biosystem of your backyard. So do mice and other rodents. If you don’t want to destroy the ecosystem of your yard but want to eliminate the presence of these animals in your house, you can always rely on ‘green’ pest control management methods and treatments. Talk with the pest control specialist during a diagnosis visit and ask if there are ways to keep bugs and rodents away from your house or apartment without killing them.


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