Do Your Own Pest Control: Pros and Cons

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A few companies advertise the concept of doing pest control on your own. This consists of purchasing pest control products on your own and getting rid of roaches, mice or ants by yourself. Should you rely on such DYI methods? This article outlines a few reasons why or why you should not give in doing pest control by yourself.


1)      It is Cheaper

Getting professional help can be pricey, and doing your own pest control can sometimes include methods as inexpensive as simply purchasing the products you need or changing your lifestyle (cleaning your home, sealing possible pest entries etc.) You can be saving as much as hundreds of dollars if you manage to get rid of pest without having a worker come to your home.

2)      It Can be Simpler than You Think

Getting rid of ants or roaches can sometimes be as simple as sweeping the floors or finding the crack in your window that has been allowing the insects inside of your home. Some pest can be eliminated fairly simply with the help of better cleaning habits or with simple herbs and oils used as baits or repulsive agents.

3)      It Is Green

If you are against having strong chemicals used in your home, you can often use natural oils, which can have the same effect or strength as harsh treatments. For example, peppermint oil has been known to help you get rid of ants very easily. Doing pest control treatments on your own can be perfect if you have a family and pets you want to protect.


1)      It Can be Inefficient

The biggest drawback of the do-it-yourself method is that it cannot work at all if you have a serious pest problem in your home. Sometimes the issues you experience with ants, roaches or termites cannot be eliminated by doing some spring cleaning in your house. When you have had a persistent or chronic problems with mice or insects, it may take more than one treatment to help you get rid of these creatures. This is when a professional will and can help you.

2)      It Can be Dangerous

Buying treating products on your own over the internet or in the store is cheaper but can be potentially dangerous if they are not used in the correct manner. Only a professional knows how to apply a treatment to your home and the safety procedures to ensure that you are safe in your house in the hours or days following the treatment.

3)      It Can Be Inappropriate

Some do it yourself products can be inappropriate to some types of insects. For example, termites and bed bugs are extremely hard to get rid of because of their size and the nature of the breed as well as living habits. It can take up to several rounds of treatments to get rid of bedbugs. Only a professional can effectively diagnose and help you keep these creatures away for good.

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