Pest Control and Children: How to Keep Your Home Safe

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If you are having a pest control issue in your home, trying to keep these insects away from your children means that you will be required to take extra precaution. Whether you decide to take care of the issue on your own or with the help of a pest control specialist in Springfield, MO, keep in mind that having children and newborns or not can make a large difference in the types of treatments you will choose to treat your pest issue. This article combines a few advices on how to build a pest control strategy when there are children at home.

Try Less Aggressive Treatments

If your home is being invaded by ants, spiders, roaches or other small creatures, try less aggressive treatments first. Some natural oils like peppermint have been proven to help keep some insects away. You can also purchase electrical plugs which emit ultrasounds that only the insects can hear, which can help draw them away from your home. However, if you are having an issue with bed bugs, you will have to rely on professional help. These can be potentially hazardous for your child and unfortunately cannot be eliminated with DIY products.

Put Baits and Chemicals Away

As a precautionary measure, always put baits and other chemical traps away from your child. Mouse traps should also be put away from small fingers which could get hurt. This rule is especially important if you have a newborn in your home. For older children, you may be able to explain that the traps are dangerous to them and instruct them not to touch these under any conditions. However, never leave a child alone in a room where there is bait or other retail pest control treatment.

Let Your Pest Control Specialist Know About Your Children

If you decide to hire a professional to take care of a pest issue that requires a chemical treatment, make sure to let the pest control specialist know at the time of the diagnosis AND on the day of the treatment (especially if you are dealing with a different worker then.) The professional should adapt the treatment to the presence of children in the house and use different chemicals if needed. Your children may need to be kept away from certain areas of your home after the treatment. Make sure to lock these doors and instruct your children not to access the designated areas.

At Home Safety Instructions

If you decide to treat your home with chemicals you bought at the store, make sure to  let your home dry and to leave windows and other airways open for at least a few hours after the application of a spray pest treatment. If you apply a chemical product to your carpet or floors, ensure to make your children wear shoes so that their skin does not come in contact with the treatment. Follow this course of action for a few days after the treatment application.

Keep in mind that it is harder for a child to eliminate a chemical product (especially a strong one) from their body than for an adult individual. Take all the necessary precautions to avoid poisoning your child.


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