Make a Checklist before Your First Round of Pest Control Treatment

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You carefully selected a pest control company, received the visit of a technician to diagnose your pest issue and you are now awaiting the arrival of the technician at your house in Springfield, MO to start the first round of treatment. While you may have followed all of the necessary steps to find an honest exterminator, you still should conform and verify a few things before you give the pest workers the permission to start treating your home. This article covers a few major elements to cover before a pest worker’s visit.


If the technician coming to your home for the first round of treatment is not the same than the worker who diagnosed your house and quoted the services, make sure to ask to see a form of ID, their state license and certification. A lot of dishonest companies only have one certified worker in their crew. If the exterminator cannot show you these documents, refuse to proceed with the pest control work until you can verify the credentials.


If you forgot to ask during the selection process and diagnosis of your house or apartment, make sure to ask if the workers are insured while they are in your home (and ask to see the proof of insurance if needed.) This is an important matter as a worker getting injured while treating your house could be very costly for you.


When the worker first comes to your home to start the treatment, he or she should give out a strong feeling of professionalism. Of course, don’t expect the exterminator to wear a suit but the uniform should be clean and the specialist should have all of the material needed for the treatment conveniently located in a professional-looking truck. Sometimes ‘gut feelings’ are not a bad thing: if you just feel like something isn’t ‘right”, it is ok to ask to see a supervisor or manager and clarify any questions or other things which may be bothering you.

Read the Fine Print

If the company offer any kind of guarantee or integrated services (such as free additional treatment or yearly contract), make sure to read all of the details from the contract you signed before the worker arrives in your home. This way, any questions or unexpected condition can be clarified before any process is started. Make sure to verify the quote and the estimated price of services with a manager. You should have been given extensive documentation with the report of the diagnosis worker, what services you purchased, and exactly what you are getting from the pest control company. An oral promise for a price or service is never sufficient: make sure that you get everything in writing before proceeding with any treatment.

Children and Pets

Make sure to let the pest worker know if there are any kids or pets in your home. He or she should be able to let you know if any special precaution should be taken.


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