How to Leave Your Home Protected From Pest Control Issues When Going on Vacation

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You are excited about going on a vacation by yourself or with your family but are feeling a little worried about your home. If you are leaving in the middle of the summer, your home could be invaded by a variety of insects: roaches, ants, flies etc. The worst part is that you would not be there to control the phenomenon, causing the infestation to become worse. So what can you do before you go on vacation to ensure that you don’t come back to a disaster? This article outlines a few simple steps you can take to protect your house or apartment.

Don’t Leave Any Crumbs Behind

Make sure to sweep the floors and wipe the kitchen and bathroom counters of your home in Springfield, MO carefully before you leave. Any dirty dishes or food leftovers will instantly draw insects to your home and without someone to keep them from coming, the flow of ants or roaches to your home is potentially endless. Spend a fair amount of time deep cleaning your house. Besides, coming home to a clean house from a gateway weekend or week at the beach is always a plus.

Call in a Pest Control Specialist

A few weeks before you go on your vacation, meet with a pest control specialist to assess the condition of your home. If you have roaches or bed bug condition you did not know about, you may want to at least start treatment before you leave your house or apartment. Failing to do so may worsen the particular pest issue. If you have a termite problem, you may want to make sure the problem is completely over with before you stop any treatment, even temporarily.

Don’t Leave Pets at Home

While dog sitting or cat sitting can be a cheaper alternative than putting your furry friend in an outside location during your vacation, choosing the first option can cause your pet to bring fleas and other bugs back to your home, without you being there to control the issue. Even if you treat your dogs or cats for fleas, animals can still bring other small insects in your apartment or house. Unsupervised, you could end up with a bug infestation really quickly.

Seal the Cracks

Make sure to seal any open entries and/or cracks in your walls or doors before you take off on a vacation. Pay special attention to your garage, as it can be an easy entry way to your home. Also ensure to remove as much humidity as possible in a basement or other moist room. Otherwise you can put your house or apartment at risk for termites. Also remove stored foliage, branches or leaves from your house. These may contain insects you may not notice at first, but will definitely invade your home very quickly.

Don’t forget that after coming back from a vacation, you are also at risk from bringing in bed bugs or insects back to your house as well.

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