What is Green Pest Management ?

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You may have read the term a few times in a magazine or blog post and wondered what it meant exactly.  Green pest management is the act of practicing pest control (that is, controlling and eliminating insects and/or rodents who invade our home) with only al-organic, non-chemical matters. This article describes the main values and methods green pest management advocates.

Natural Pesticides

The biggest focus of green pest management is to use pesticides from a ‘natural origin’ rather than processed, chemical products. The idea is to protect children and animals from the potentially hazardous effects of these products. Examples of green management products are various oils, such as clove oil or rosemary oil to repel some types of insects. Boric acid is another kind of natural pesticide that is often used on ants to create some all-natural baits.

Natural Elimination

Part of the green pest management philosophy is to repel the insects or rodents away from your home without necessarily killing them on the spot. The philosophy believes that these animals are useful to nature (just not inside your house) and that by changing some environmental aspects of your home, you could easily get rid of the pest. This includes eliminating the potential sources of food in your home if you have some (such as crumbs on counters, debris in the house etc) or installing screens and filling in cracks in your walls or doors.

Natural Predators

In the case of rodents, green pest management advocators will advise you to use a cat or other natural predator to scare the rodents away. For some types of termites or ants it could also recommend the use of some non-harmful larva and other organisms which naturally prey on these creatures. This allows the elimination of the insects or rodents (if the natural elimination is not possible) while restoring the ‘natural balance’ of the environment;

Minimal Use of Chemicals

When the pest control issue is too far advanced to benefit from all-natural oils or methods of prevention, the use of chemicals is sometimes necessary. Green pest control advocators usually demand that the chemical treatment be minimal and thoroughly explained to the customers first. Only one round of treatment at the time will be performed and complemented with natural oils and natural elimination methods to ensure maximal efficiency.

If you feel like the values of green pest management correspond to your beliefs and values, talk to you pest control specialist in Springfield, Mo. Keep in mind that the best pest control you can find is prevention. While you can’t control a few ants coming to your home to look for food, you can definitely keep them from coming back by cleaning your home, filling in a few cracks in your walls and installing a few natural baits if needed. Ask your pest control worker for a diagnosis of your home and the severity of the pest problem in your house before you agree to any treatment.

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