How to Get Rid of Pigeons

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Pigeon’s habitat has spread to suburban or even rural areas. Pigeons reproduce quite often during the year, and will mate during the fall or the spring. Their presence is a nuisance in the city, but pigeons can actually be hazardous to one’s health. In fact, these birds commonly carry diseases such as cryptococcosis or salmonella. If your backyard in Springfield, MO is being invaded by pigeons, this article describes a few steps to keep them away from your home.

Create Barriers

One way you can get rid of pigeons is to make your roof or other surface occupied by these birds uncomfortable to perch on. Use sticky products (it can be chemical products, but doesn’t have to be) or spikes to prevent pigeons from settling on your house or yard. You can even sprinkle spices such as pepper flakes or cinnamon powder in places where birds eat in your yard. Pigeons are supposedly repulsed by spices and the smell will draw them away. There hasn’t been any studies backing this advice yet but if you have a spice rack in your kitchen, it is always worth trying.

Check Your Home

If you have an attic or a shed in your yard, it is possible the pigeons are using these rooms to create nests and reproducing. Make sure there are no cracks in your roof or vents that would create an entry for pigeons (and other birds.) If you live in a rural area and have a barn or shed, be especially careful to seal the building and doors as much as you can to avoid turning a functional building into a pigeon shelter.

Do Not Feed the Birds

You may have read similar birds in a sign in your local park or city. Sometimes individuals with good intention will leave grains or bird food in your neighborhood to feed birds. While this is a kind gesture, it can easily attract pigeons to your home and make it very difficult for them to leave. If you observe a neighbor feeding pigeons, kindly explain that it is an issue for you and/or contact animal control or your city’s office if you believe it is the source of your pest control problem. Your pet’s food can also be eaten by pigeon, so avoid leaving dog’s or cat’s dry foods outside.

Scare the Pigeons Away

Using plastic statues of hawks and eagles, mirrors or balloons can keep pigeons away for a little bit (it is definitely not a long-term solutions.) This can give you enough time to seal any entry ways to your home and find a method that will draw pigeon away, for good.

If you are having a chronic issue with pigeons, traditional methods may not be good enough. In this case, contact a pest control specialist as soon as possible. He or she will be able to effectively diagnose the cause of your pigeon problem and find the appropriate treatment to make your home pigeon-free.


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