The 3 Worst Pest Problems You Could Have in Your Home

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Having pest problems in your home is never fun. However, some insect invasions are easier to get rid of and treat than other. In fact, some pest issues will almost always result in you having to call a professional for help. So if you are trying to protect your family and your house or apartment, what creatures should you be extra vigilant about? What are the insects that you should avoid to treat alone? This article lists a few pest problems that you really, really don’t want to deal with on your own.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the hardest pests to get rid of. Why? Mostly because of their size. In fact, these creatures are usually microscopic at their earlier stages and very difficult to see at the adult stage. Bed bugs can attack any home, regardless of the cleanliness and care given to the house or apartment. Two or more rounds of professional treatments are usually required to get rid of these creatures for good, and the entire process requires an extensive cleaning and encasement of bedding items. If you suspect a bed bug problem in your home in Springfield, MO, call a professional pest control specialist as soon as possible.


Ants themselves are not dangerous creatures but can be difficult to eliminate. Ants are pretty smart, and sometimes homemade baits are not enough to eliminate them. The main challenge in ant treatment is not only to kill the ants that are in your home but also dissuade the remaining ones in the nest to come to your home. Some sophisticated baits involve poisoning the visiting ants so that they will spread the chemical to the rest of the colony. If you see a few ants roaming ants in your home, act quickly. Clean your counter and floor and don’t let dirty dishes in your sink. If you fail to follow these steps, you are guaranteed to see twice as many ants the next day.


Cockroaches are both unsanitary and unpleasant to see in your home. The issue with eliminating cockroaches is finding where they come from. A lot of times they can come from pipes or small cracks in your walls or doors that are hard to find for a homeowner. Exterminating cockroaches in your home will not only require you to eliminate their potential places of shelter and food but also to have a professional diagnose your house or apartment to understand where exactly the insects come from, and how to kill them.

If you start seeing any of the creatures described above, don’t wait and call a pest control specialist as soon as possible. DIY treatments may work on mild pest issues but may not always eliminate the real source of the problem. Calling a professional will not only save you money in the long run but can also be helpful to prevent more pest issues from other insects in the long run.


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