Keeping Spiders Away from Your House on a Budget

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Unless you are dealing with a brown recluse or a black widow in your house, we can all agree that spiders are usually neither dangerous nor toxic for your home. However, nobody wants to share their apartment or house with a dozen (or more!) spiders. Unless you plan on turning them into pets (not recommended), you may want to find easy ways to keep them away without having to spend hundreds of dollars on pesticides, sprays, baits and other repellent products. This article lists a few ways to prevent or treat a mild spider invasion in your house on a low budget.


While buying a cat for the sole purpose to chase away spiders isn’t exactly cheap, keeping your pet in your house rather than outside can help eliminate these little creatures.

Seal Possible Entryways

Sometimes we are guilty of inviting spiders inside without realizing it. Don’t let windows or doors opened for an extended amount of time (unless you have screens.) Look for potential cracks and other holes which could allow them in and block them with glue or plaster. If you have firewood, cardboard or plants in your home, there is a high chance spiders might be hiding with them. Either inspect them for bugs or keep any vegetation outside your house. Vents or chimneys can also be a point of entry for spiders and insects. You can use screens to seal them.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are usually inexpensive and can be used as natural and effective spider repellents. Mix a few drops of peppermint, citrus or lavender oil with warm water, dish soap and some white vinegar. Use a spray bottle to disperse the concoction around your house. Spiders dislike such scents and it the mixture will keep them away.

De-Clutter Your Home

If you tend to hoard a lot of things around your house, such clutter will likely create an attractive home for spiders. A few healthy and simple cleaning habits can help make your home spider-free. Make sure to take the trash out regularly (including recycling items like glass or plastic bottles.) Don’t leave clothes or clutter under your furniture and/or bed, or use sealed plastic bins to store them in. Dusting around the house regularly will also keep spiders (along other bugs) away.


An easy way to repel spiders is to put a few chestnuts around your windows, walls, under your bed, and in your closet. Spiders are apparently repulsed by the smell of them, so if you don’t feel like spraying anything on your walls or carpet this may be a better alternative for you.

There are many ways to help prevent and treat a mild spider problem in your house. You can avoid spiders in your house just by keeping your house clean at all times. Having a cat, using essential oils, chestnuts and sealing possible entryways can also help tremendously. However, if you have a more serious spider problem in Springfield  MO, or think you may have poisonous spiders in your home, you will need to contact pest control services.

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