How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Home, the Humane Way

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You are not a fan of the mice living in your attic or basement, but you don’t want to kill these little creatures yourself. This feeling may seem unusual to your friends and family, but sparing these rodents is actually the smart thing to do. In fact, if mice are invading your home, it means that they find your house to be a comfortable shelter and reliable source of food. If so, killing the mice without taking appropriate measures to prevent more from coming will actually signal more rodents that resources are freed-up, attracting more of them in the long run. This article lists a few ways you can get rid of mice in your home, without deadly mouse traps or other extermination techniques.

Peppermint Oil: Your Weapon of Choice

Peppermint oil is a commonly used natural weapon against ants, spiders, and other small creatures. Fortunately for you, they also work on mice. The strong smell keeps rodents away from sprayed or treated areas. You can easily find peppermint oil in supermarket or natural stores. Put a few drops in a clean piece of fabric and lay it on the floor of the room where mice usually take shelter. You can also prepare a solution made of hot water, soap and the oil and spray it around your home.

Cats: Your Mighty Warriors

If you own a cat, feel free to use your pet as a warrior against mice. They will usually help you get rid of mice – for free. If your feline isn’t much of a hunter, you can still use it to repel rodents. Place your cat’s litter box in the room where mice live (or where you think they do) in your home. The smell of the cat’s urine should keep the rodents away from your home.

Technology: Effective Mice Killers

Most home improvement stores sell electronic devices that emit beeping sounds that rodents can’t stand. These can be very useful to use, especially as they will not hurt your dogs, cats, or small children. They are usually pretty cheap and sell for less than $50/piece. One device per floor is usually enough, so it is an effective solution to get rid of rodents if you know you have mice roaming in your house but is unable to locate the affected area.

Cleaning Habits: Best Preventive Measures

Having a clean home is the most effective way to keep mice away from your house. If you have been hoarding papers or pieces of furniture in your basement, it might be time to de-clutter these rooms. If your kitchen hasn’t been cleaned in a while, take a few minutes to clean the counters and sweep the floors. Crumbs or dirty dishes could be attracting rodents. Additionally, keep your main trash as far away from your house as you can, so that mice don’t perceive an outdoor trash can as an invitation to go inside.

If you don’t want to be labeled a ‘mice killer’, no worries. There are natural ways to eliminate these rodents. However, these measures are meant to prevent or treat a mild invasion of mice in your Springfield, Mo area house. If these don’t work in your home, it may be time to call a pest control specialist.

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