How to Get Rid of Roaches

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Not all roaches are bad, but the ones in your home are unfortunately never the ‘good’ type. Not only are roaches physically repulsive, but they can turn your home upside down. Even worse, pest roaches also carry diseases and spread a foul smell through your house. In other words, roaches are never good news. Fortunately, like other types of insects, you can easily prevent and treat a mild invasion of roaches without using pesticides or other potentially toxic products. This article lists a few easy ways to get rid of roaches.

Destroy Their Home

Roaches are in your house for a reason, and to beat the roaches, you may have to start thinking like one. If the invasion is not limited to one room, you will need to find which areas of your home need changed to properly get rid of these insects. Roaches usually gather in places where there is an abundance of cardboards, paper, and general clutter. They also like places where they can easily find food, which means that your kitchen may be the heart of their nest. Once you have found the problematic areas, destroy and/or clean what may draw the roaches. Keep in mind that even the simplest cleaning habits can turn roaches (as well as many other types of insects) away. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink or crumbs on the kitchen floor and counters.

Take Away Their Food and Water

As mentioned above, a dirty kitchen can be a source of food for roaches. Pay special attention to grease, as even small spots on your appliances or counters can draw these creatures to your home very easily. Roaches also find their water (and shelter) in humid places such as under your fridge. Keep such places dry to avoid attracting more of these insects in your home.

Pest Management

Once you have mastered the art of preventing roaches from coming to your home, you can move on to the offensive phase of your attack. Using boric acid is a cheap and safe way to create various baits and other traps to kill the roaches. Try and avoid using pesticides without professional help if possible. These can be almost as expensive as calling an exterminator and if not used properly, can be very toxic to your home and family. There are special traps for roaches that you can use to track them within your home. Always keep boric acid and other apparatus away from children and/or animals.

Roaches in your house can be a very serious situation. Because roaches reproduce fairly quickly, a manageable case can turn into an overwhelming one very fast. If you start seeing roaches in the daylight in your house, your home may be in trouble. In fact, since roaches usually go out at night, such occurrence could mean that their shelter is already overcrowded. In this case, call a pest control specialist immediately. One popular local choice is Pest Control Springfield Mo. Your home may have to undergo treatments to eradicate existing roaches and destroy their nests.

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