How to Get Rid of Flies on a Low Budget

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Have you ever eaten outside? If so, you probably know that flies can be a little inconvenient when hosting barbecues, either trying to land on your food or buzzing in your ears. However, flies inside your home can be much worse. Not only they are non-hygienic but they can also die and cause you to find small corpses of flies –everywhere. If you are dealing with flies indoor and can’t afford expensive chemical treatments, this article will help you to get rid of them in a few easy steps.

Clean Your Home

It may seem obvious, but cleaning your house is the best way to keep flies away. Flies migrate to your house for a reason, as they either see it as a reliable source of food and/or quality shelter. By removing dirty dishes, wiping your kitchen counters clean and weeping floors regularly, you will remove any potential foods for flies. Additionally, consider putting a lid on all of your garage bins, including the bathroom ones. Clutter, dirt and garbage are delicacies to flies.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is a cheap and easy way to get rid of flies. Use a jar filled up half way with apple vinegar and poke holes in the lid. Put the lid on the jar and wait: flies will crawl in the jar but not be able to get out of it. This is a classic method that can also work for wasps and bees. Make sure that the holes are large enough to have a fly crawl into it. If several of your rooms are affected by flies, you can even place a jar in each room.

A Dark House

Creating an environment that will disturb flies is a free and easy way to get rid of them. Turn all of the lights off and leave one window open. In the middle of the day, flies may be attracted to the only light available (sun light outside) and simply leave your house. This method works well if you only have a few flies in your home but can be lengthy if there are many of them in your house. You can always try to speed up the process with a swat.

Repellent Plants

Mint is an effective fly repellent. You can plant mint around your home to deter flies from coming in or leave crushed mint leaves in your kitchen and bathroom to keep them away. The same is true for lavender leaves and rue. Additionally, these plants are not very expensive and can also be a great addition to your indoor decoration (unlike vinegar jar traps.)

Getting rid of flies is not always an automatic process, but can be done easily and on a low budget thanks to the tips described above. If flies start breeding in your home in Springfield, MO and do not seem to leave, it is time to call a pest control specialist. They will be able to efficiently localize and treat your home for a larger invasion.


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