How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

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We can all agree that ants have a good impact on the environment. They eat undesirable bugs such as fleas, flies, or bed bugs. However, once they invade our homes looking for sweet or greasy foods to scavenge, they are not so fun anymore. So how can you prevent ants from taking over your house while still respecting the environment? This article lists a few ways you can get rid of ants in a green way.

Clean Your Home

This may seem obvious, but it is probably the most important step you can take to get rid of ants. When you start seeing ants in your kitchen, it is usually a warning to start being careful with the way you maintain your home. Ants are in their exploratory stage and may be trying to see if your home has any type of food or goods they could take back to their home (yes, ants really are that smart.) Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink and have your counters cleaned at all times. Sweep the floors so that there are no crumbs or other food residue that would give the ants a reason to come back to your house.

Find and Destroy the Ants Tracks

Ants use chemicals to leave a ‘scented’ track behind them that other ants will follow. If you find how and where the ants enter your home, you can then seal the points of entry and consequently destroy their tracks. Look around your house. Are there cracks in your windows or along your walls? If so, you can use simple household items to block them, such as glue, plaster, or even petroleum jelly. Make sure to look for a more permanent solution meanwhile to fill in the cracks. Soapy water sprayed around the house should be enough to get rid of ants’ chemical tracks.

Repel Ants from Entering Your Home

If you start seeing a few ants roaming around your house looking for food, you may also want to prevent more little visitors from invading your home. There are a few smells and herbs that ants cannot stand, such as mint leaves, laurel or bay leaves, or lavender oil. Spray or scatter these through your kitchen and pantry. Ants will then likely stop wandering around these places.

Make Your Own Ant Bait

If you want to get rid of existing ants in your home, you can create your own ant bait very easily and without relying on pesticides. Buy boric acid (very cost-effective and widely available in supermarkets) and mix it with a really sweet substance (such as regular sugar, maple syrup, or syrup.) The ants will be attracted to the sweetness of the bait but will then die from the boric acid, preventing other ants from entering your house in the future. It may take a few days for the bait to fully work. Make sure to keep it away from children and pets.

Such natural remedies for ants are meant to mostly prevent and treat a mild invasion in your home. If you are dealing with a serious ant problem in Springfield, Mo, you will have to deal with a pest control specialist.

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