Fraudulent Pest Control Services: A Few Tips on Avoiding Them

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We can all agree that in some cases, pest control is a necessity. When DIY, natural and localized chemical treatments aren’t simply enough, you need a professional to skillfully remove the invasion of ants, bed bugs or other creatures in your home. Unfortunately, many fraudulent individuals take advantage of someone’s urgent need for pest control to maximize their profits, leading to overpriced services or even worse, damage to your property. To avoid getting yourself in such situations, this article outlines the main types of pest control scams and how you can recognize them.

The Free Inspection

You are at home watching your favorite TV show, when a pest control company shows up at your door and offers to inspect your house for free. Seduced by the idea of a free consultation, you agree to it and let the professionals come in and inspect your house. The issue with this scenario is that many dishonest individuals use this opportunity to invent an ‘ant situation’ or ‘bedbug problem’ you may not even have to pressure you into purchasing services. Even worse, some representatives go as far as dispersing corpses of insects on your floorsduring the inspection to fake a bug invasion in your house. The best way to avoid being the victim of such scam is to never allow any pest control professionals to perform a free inspection uninvited.

The Licensed Professional

Most states require pest control specialists to obtain a specific pest control license before they can treat your home. The license test ensures that pest control professional have an extensive knowledge of chemicals and can properly apply them to your house. Some fraudulent companies only have one licensed employee, who is sent to your home for the inspection. Once you find out that they are licensed, you are satisfied and relieved that your house is in good hands. However, the day your house is being treated, another pest control worker shows up. You may not think anything of it and just assume he is licensed as well. However, he/she isn’t, and your home is now in the hands of someone who hasn’t had formal training in handling pest control chemicals. This may result in your house being damaged on top of the pest control situation not being resolved. Always ask for the pest control worker’s license. If the individuals does not have it on them, delay the treatment until you see it or find another company.

The Long-Term Contract

When you are told that it will take more than one round of chemical treatment to help get rid of ants, rodents or bed bugs, be careful. While sometimes it is indeed necessary, some fraudulent workers may be trying to lure you into purchasing more services than you actually need. Always ask for another opinion from others companies to ensure that you aren’t buying a scam. Additionally, make sure to take time to read the fine print of what you are purchasing from the pest control company prior to starting the services.


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