How to Become an Exterminator

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We can all agree that for most individuals, becoming an exterminator isn’t a childhood dream. However, pest control specialists can lead a dynamic and flexible career. If you have an entrepreneur spirit and enjoy helping people, becoming an exterminator could be a great occupation for you. And if you perform well in your area, the job can also be very lucrative. However, to become a pest control specialist, you will have to go through a few steps. This article describes the requirements and qualifications to become a successful exterminator in the Springfield, MO area.

Be Aware of the Job Conditions

While you may be aware that being an exterminator isn’t the most glamorous job, you must also know that the environment you will be working in can be dangerous. Treating insect invasions means that you will regularly use chemicals to treat homes. You may also have to work in constricted spaces, such as basements, attics and closets. If you can’t imagine working in such conditions on a daily basis, you may have to rethink your career path.

Fulfill the Basic Requirements

To obtain a state exterminator license, you will usually be required to pass a background check, be at least eighteen years old and speak and/or read English. Each state has its own specific rules to become a pest control specialist. Some states may require you to pass an exterminator class, and you will need to work under a licensed specialist for a certain number of hours before you can obtain your pest control license. State licenses may be divided into Commercial and Noncommercial licenses. The latter only allows you to work in residential areas, while a commercial license enables you to work with businesses. In Missouri, treating an invasion of certain insects such as bees requires you to obtain an additional qualification.

Pass the Exterminator Exam

Most states will require you to pass a written exam which covers the basic skills of being an exterminator. You will need to know how to solve a situation relevant to your specialty, and be able to mix the correct amounts of chemicals to treat the affected area.

After the Licensing Exam

If you pass your licensing exam, you are now free to go work for an employer, be a contracted worker, or even start your own business. If you are thinking about working for yourself, do a little research to understand the market in your area. If your town is already saturated with other exterminators or if the market for your services isn’t very strong, you may have to travel outside of your city limits, find ways to set yourself apart from your competitors or simply chose to be employed instead.

The process of becoming an exterminator may seem challenging, but can also lead to a very gratifying career. Finding a mentor who already works in the field is a great way to understand what it takes to become an exterminator. Doing so can also be a good networking habit to find an employer easily after you obtain your license.





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