How to Avoid Bedbugs When Traveling

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What are bed bugs? They are small bloodsucking creatures that prey on mammals and birds. Being mammals, us humans unfortunately can suffer the attack of bedbugs. These insects usually live and reproduce in couches, sofas and beds. They come to us while we are asleep and drink our blood in a painless, unnoticeable way. In the process, they inject a small amount of saliva that creates an allergic reaction. A recent rapid increase of these creatures, especially in hotels, resorts, and other vacation sites has been observed in the last few years.  Should you cancel your upcoming trip in fear of getting bit by bedbugs? Surely not! Our article lists a few ways you can avoid bed bugs when vacationing.

Inspect Your Room

When arriving to a resort or hotel, the best way to avoid being bit by bedbugs is to verify that there aren’t any in your room. Look for reddish brown (1-8 millimeters) bugs under the sheets, comforters and pillow cases of the bed. Bedbugs can also agglomerate in curtains, drapes, headboard (if he has textile.) A good rule of thumb to remember is that any piece of furniture that isupholsteredor has some type of fabric has a chance of being infested with bed bugs. If you find a few of these bloodsuckers crawling around, don’t panic. Explain to the property manager the issue and try to relocate in a different room (far from the first one if possible.) Investing in a more expensive hotel room is usually a secure way to avoid dealing with bedbugs, as such properties will undergo regular treatments and sanitary controls.

Don’t Bring Bedbugs with You

Sometimes we get so worried about renting a bug-free property that we forget that we may actually be the carrier of the bloodsuckers. Avoid taking bedbugs on a free vacation by choosing a suitcase that has as least fabric as possible. Use plastic sealing bags to put your clothes and towels in and refrain from bringing additional pillows or blankets from your home with you on your trip. You can also store your bags in the bathroom of your hotel room, as it is a room less frequently visited by bedbugs than the bedroom.

Don’t Bring the Bedbugs Home

Bedbugs aren’t exactly guests of honor in our home, so avoid taking them back to your household after your vacation. Wash all of your clothes and towels in hot water, and clean or vacuum your suitcase and bags. If you took pillows and blankets with you on your trip, wash these as well as soon as you can after you arrive.

While on vacation, a bedbug invasion is the last thing you want to worry about. There are a few simple ways to avoid these bloodsuckers by taking simple and precautionary measures before, during and after your trip. Remember, bedbugs can bring discomfort and potentially transmit diseases so it is always ok to talk to a hotel or property manager if you think there might be bedbugs in your room. Better safe than bitten.

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