German Cockroach

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The German Cockroach

        The German Cockroach is by far the most common of the roaches that we have in Springfield Mo.  It is also the one insect that can alter a persons mood and cause psychological stress.  Having a large infestation in the home can cause a child embarrassment and adults fear to have family and guest over.  The German cockroach also brings on health issues and causes allergic reactions to many.  The German Cockroach is also blamed on the neighbor 9 out of the 10 homes we service due to embarrassment.   Please note we are not saying your neighbors are not to blame for your cockroach problem because a lot of times they are.  What I am saying is the guys will play havoc on your minds.

  The German cockroach has 3 stages of its life the egg , the nymph, and the adult.  Usually it will consist of about 15 to 20 percent adults that cause all this havoc leaving behind the over 80 percent to try to flourish into adults. I have been in homes where the population is so heavy that it smells like ammonia, this is due to the large amounts of feces and secretions they can leave behind.  When population’s get so large they will actually start to feed on anything and everything including you while you are sleeping.

   I remember when I was first was working in pest control many years ago I saw this white roach and I was like how cool was that an albino roach.  Later I have discovered that this is just a roach that has not seen daylight yet. This is possible due to other roaches being able to feed on each others feces and food particles they bring back to the nest and that roach did not have to leave the darkness.

      For the homeowners that are reading this article that can not afford pest control service you still have some great options that you can do to improve your situation.  If your population is large here are some tips.  Vacuum up most of the population and discard of them.  Clean everything removing feces from cabinets and hinges.  Do not use sprays for they will not work for you. Do not use boric acid it will cause a big mess and you will just see trails in the boric acid where the roaches were having fun with the new snow you placed for them to play in.  Roach bait that comes in a syringe is your only chance of having some success.  Wal-Mart  carries combat roach gel and is available at a reasonable price.  Be sure to buy at least 2 so you are not putting out to little of  the bait placement.  Flashlight comes in real handy when making bait placements and will help you find nest that you normally might not pick up with the naked eye.  When you find large amounts of roaches and feces be sure to leave plenty of placements in these areas.  Pull the refrigerator out from the wall, this will more than likely be your biggest nest due to roaches loving heat.  Stove if possible should be pulled out and top raised.  Top of doors should also be inspected for bait placements.  After treatment is preformed you should do a follow up about 2 weeks later.  All dead bodies should be cleaned up along with checking for areas that still have activity for another bait placement. If you continue this procedure for a few times your success rate will be increased immensely .

       Back in the old days  they used DDT and one treatment could take care of your roach problem.  The bad news it was causing harm to woman mainly developing early breast cancer so DDT was banned.  We went thru a period of time were roaches were almost impossible to get rid of even for the professionals.  Then with time passing by just like everything else the chemicals improved.  Now days there are chemicals that the roach can get into and not know their into poison.  It gets better,  some chemicals have the ability to transfer from roach to roach by  what is known as a transfer effect.  Roaches are able to kill other roaches by touch.  To go a step further roaches can also kill other roaches by their feces and grooming habits.  I’M for one very pleased with a lower impact chemicals that carry a big punch.  I remember just 10 years ago spraying roaches that just would not die.  With these new weapons we now have, roaches have become a lot easier task .

   When it comes to roaches in your home, there is a bigger price than our $99 service fee and $50 follow ups, and that would be your health.  If you live in Springfield MO are surrounding area and cannot afford to have us come out.  Call 41-880-2687, The only good roach is a dead roach.

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