Box Elder Bug

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Box Elder Bug 

       This is what I like to call the South Side Bug.  The box elder bug along with clover mites and spider mites enjoy the suns rays and that why they will be found congregating on the south side of buildings.  The box elder bug is about a 1/2 ” long and is black with crazy red markings on his body.  The box elder bugs can be noticed both spring and fall.  The box elder bug is pretty much harmless. It does not hurt trees and does very little damage to plant life.  Because the box elder bug can grow in population thru the years it sometimes becomes a problem for home owners.  They can leave markings on cloth type material in your home and make you feel like you have been invaded.

     Why is this bug on my property?  The dirty culprit would have to be a box elder tree, or a silver maple.  Large numbers of box elder bugs can normally be found on these two trees. The tree will be a female that is a pod bearing tree.  Box elder bugs are usually not noticed until the fall.  When cooler weather starts creeping in.  The box elder bug will be trying to hunker down before winter kicks in.  I have a lot of customers notice them in the spring when the adult box elder bugs lay there eggs and nymphs appear a few days later almost all red.  Some think its a new species but a box elder bug does not turn black with the crazy red stripes until he becomes an adult.

     The box elder bug is an occasional invader, some years heavy than others.  If you have a tight and  sealed home the box elder bug does not pose much threat to you are your home.  Treatment can some times bring in other pest that you did not invite, from the dead bodies being left on the ground.  That invader would be the roach. The roach loves box elder bugs .  So if numbers are really large sometimes a vacuum can be very useful in removing the box elder bug with out causing secondary harm.

     How to I get rid of box elder bug on my property ?  You either learn to live with them, are you could possibly try to determine which trees they are infesting and replace the trees with a different type of tree.

Here at Antman we have a perimeter service that runs March thru October that does a good job of keeping the box elder bug from invading your home.  In most cases this will be short lived problem during the fall.

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